Size 1 in juniors is what in womans?

Answer size 0

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What is the most children had in a womans stomach at once?

First, babies are not found in a woman's stomach. Babies grow in a woman's womb. The official record for the most babies in a pregnancy was set in 1971, when an Italian woman on fertility treatmen... Read More »

What does a midwife put on a pregnant womans stomach?

Colostrum extraction has no bearing on the ability to breastfeed, Generally as long as you are able to get a good clean latch, and the baby is extracting milk properly, then you should have no pro... Read More »

What is the best medicine for a broken heart?

chick flicks, girlfriends, ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream, wine.give it 4-5 hrs and heart will be repaired!

What is best to have big heart or big wallet?

A big wallet will never ever compensate for the stinginess of a small, self-centred heart. A big heart gets creative in expressing care for others, which means a big wallet really isn't necessary.L... Read More »