What is the best way of stopping cigerate smoking?

Answer go to the cancer ward with people dying of lung cancer. and then see if you wanna puff again.

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Whats the best aid to support stopping smoking?

Its not just the nicotine. Its also the other 50+ chemicals they out in cigarettes. Also the main problem is habit.We have been used to having body sensations which we translate as 'my body needs s... Read More »

What is a great cure for stopping smoking ive treid everythig?

Stop smoking - take up drinking - water. It is true it works. every time you want a cigarette drink water. it won't hurt you, won't cost anything, won't make you fat and it will help with the cravi... Read More »

Stopping smoking help?

First, write down what could be great about this. Get committed to doing it.Second, ask what is not perfect about smoking? Make a big list. I can't think of anything good about smoking, when you ... Read More »

Is stopping smoking dangerous.?

LMAO!! Sucks to be you doesn't it? Hmm come to think of it since I quit smoking I broke my leg, had four surgeries, had an 8 year relationship end, gained 30 lbs, maybe you're onto something!!Se... Read More »