What is the best way of gettin a baby?

Answer Besides basic human reproduction, you could adopt or foster.

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I'm gettin a car, wat do you think?

List... I got My License when I was 13 in Texas So even with todays changes in laws 13 IS Not to young to start learning to drive . Just not by yourself til you get the hang of it.I also reccommend... Read More »

Is it gettin blown out?

Well for starters you put 2 of THE WORST things possible to put on your piercing !You are NOT suppose to use neosporin or peroxide on piercings ! Do a sea salt soak which means use 1/4 teaspoonn of... Read More »

Do i look less attractive after GETTIN' rid of some fat ?

Congrats on the wight loss:) You look like two totally different people haha:P Not in a bad way both pics have their pros

What r ur best tips for gettin rid of acne!!!?

Here's a list of Do's and Don't for Acne1. Avoid picking or squeezing acne, as this can rupture the pimple and may lead to scarring. 2. If you wear make-up, apply it sparingly and remove all traces... Read More »