What is the best way for sneaking up creaky stairs?

Answer Try and keep your feet as close to the edges as possible, the creaks tend to be in the middle!

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What angle is best for garage stairs?

The riser and tread measurements will determine the final angle of a stairway. The International Residential Code requires that stair treads be no less than 10 inches in depth and the riser height ... Read More »

What is the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs?

The Morphy Richards/Goblin Aztec series of vacuums are good for this,they are small and compact and have a leg the flips our underneath so they will stand upright on stairs.A good light but powerfu... Read More »

What happens if you get caught sneaking into an 18 rated film?

Well it wouldn't make much sense to kick you out of a theater if you already saw the movie.They would probably just leave you alone.A lot of the employees at a theater don't really care a lot of ti... Read More »

Why are stairs called 'stairs' inside but 'steps' ouside?

because stairs actually refers to the staircase, which is not the steps themselves but the walls on either side of the steps. The walls are called a staircase in which steps are placed. This has ov... Read More »