What is the best way for a person to experience alcohol for the first time?

Answer With family! Sorry, I come from a french family. My parents wanted me to try alcohol in moderation when I was ready as a young adult. I have to give them props for ensuring I was in a safe envir... Read More »

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What is your experience when you first time put on a nosering?

realy u r very nice lovely energetic pretty and full of humanity but no one understand your feelings u have more struggle for life am i right

What happens when you get caught with alcohol at the age of 16 for the first time (not drunk)?

The police will just pour your drink out. If your caught with drink and are causing a scene,fighting etc then youll be taken home

When was the first time you drank alcohol?

What is the best first-person shooter for the Wii?

On One Hand: Solid Choices, Albeit Only a Few of ThemNintendo has scored a home run with its latest console mainly because it has lured non-gamers to gaming. Although first-person shooter titles ar... Read More »