What is the best way for a person to experience alcohol for the first time?

Answer With family! Sorry, I come from a french family. My parents wanted me to try alcohol in moderation when I was ready as a young adult. I have to give them props for ensuring I was in a safe envir... Read More »

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Are you a Canon person or a Nikon person Why Whats your experience with your brand and lenses?

I myself am a Nikon person. I have a nikon myself and have worked with both Nikons and Canons. I prefer nikons because of the vivid colors, ease of use, and large variety of lenses. My close friend... Read More »

In the TTC section, why would you thumbs down a person's personal experience?

I T.D. if someone gives incorrect info (even if there was personal info in their Q). I also do it if I highly suspect that someone is lying. For example, the other day, someone asked what the best ... Read More »

Can a person with 2 years of an accounting experience is eligible for CIA exams?

The OSS (office of Strategic Services) was the predecessor organization of the CIA that was formed during WWII. It was disbanded at war's end. but recreated as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)... Read More »

Can a person experience an acute rage behavior brought on by a food allergy?

Absolutely! One bad one is sugar -- believe it or not. Many children are often treated for hyperactivity, when all that is needed is a cut-back on their sugar intake. Too much sugar in some people ... Read More »