What is the best water for your garden?

Answer hose water

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How long does it take for chlorine to evaporate out of tap water before I should use the water for my plants in my garden?

go ahead and do it straight from the faucet whenever you want. it doesn't matter... is a dumb thing to say. In actuality, one gallon of standard tap water, in general, should set out for about 12 h... Read More »

Is it ok to water garden with warm water?

We have a direct hose hook-up to our washing machine. It is piped directly to the garden. Everytime the washer drains out it waters the garden and trees. We haven't had any bug problems in the gard... Read More »

How often should you water a flower garden?

The amount of water a flower garden requires depends greatly on the types of flowers planted, the season, and the temperature. Growers state that a general rule for watering a flower garden is to p... Read More »

How do you make a water garden?

This isn't how to make a Water Garden, except it is how you could make a pond. If you have an all tiled floor garden, you will have to dig up the tiles that are in the space you want to make your ... Read More »