What is the best view of the grand canon?

Answer Any Gitzo tripod, like the carbon fiber 6X series.

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Canon EOS 40D: Can the live view be turned off What are the benefits and drawbacks of live view?

Live view is a feature which by default in the 40 D, is turned off, and for good reason.You're correct in many of your assumptions. The most stable way to hand hold any camera is in both hands up a... Read More »

What is the field view of a 3.5 Canon lens?

The f-number designates the aperture, usually referring to the largest aperture on a particular lens. The field of view varies with the focal length, not with the aperture. Currently there are no ... Read More »

What is Grand Canon du Verdon?

There's a tiny slit in the back to the right of the power cord.

How to attach a rear view mirror to the winshield of a 2002 Grand Prix GTP What kind of glue if any do you use?

Answer You can purchase the glue at most retail auto parts stores. It's very similar to superglue, but it also has some special properties that make it a little better for that application.