Could you help locate in video or script the funny 2008 Commencement Speech given by Rob Schneider that was on Leno's Tonight Show May 19 2008?

Answer Believe it or not, you can try or They have quite a few old TV commercials and out-takes from TV shows.

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What is the song played when the progammer is playing the video game in the CSI Miami episode 318 titled Game Over?

How can you record video game play from your TV with a video camera?

This is a toughie! The problem is, your video camera samples at a consistent rate, and the TV refreshes at a consistent rate. So what you get is called a "beat frequency" - kind of like looking at ... Read More »

Who had the most points in a game in 2008 in the nba?

According to NBA Hoops Online, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs scored 55 points in one game on November 8, 2008, against the Minnesota Timberwolves. LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers als... Read More »

What is the Name of 2008-09 game show?

The show has had five different hosts since 1980. The actual name for the current show is All Star Family Fortunes and is hosted by Vernon Kay. There names and dates of the hosts previous to the cu... Read More »