What is the best video camera if it's only purpose is making youtube videos?

Answer Are you looking to do videos in different places, or to do a vlog deal from your room? A nice webcam is an excellent option if you're going to be in one place talking or something.Even the most bas... Read More »

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What is a high quality, but cheap, video camera for making youtube videos?

Step 1: Set a budget.Any camcorder will do if the lighting is *great* and a steadying device (not handheld) is used."a few hundred dollars" gets you into the range of entry-level consumer camcorder... Read More »

I want a good camera for making youtube videos.?

what kind of camera u need totally depends on what kind of video you are shooting... if ur shooting simple videos than a DSLR camera with capability of shooting 24-30 fps can help. DSLR cameras are... Read More »

Is this a good quality camera for making youtube videos?

Not really. I would go with Canon VIXIA HF M500 instead of sony.

What's the best video camera for making internet videos?

i dont recomend the brand aiptek. those cameras really suck. but jvc or sony are preety good for what you doing get a 250 to 300 dollaror more camera and it will last a long time. i have an aiptek ... Read More »