What is the best video camera for shooting computer tutorials?

Answer Well, if that is the case then I wouldn't suggest a camera for you at all but rather a program and a microphone. Let me explain, there are freeware programs out there but I'm not sure on what we... Read More »

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Which would you prefer to have for shooting video, a digital SLR or a video camera?

It depends on your needs. In my opinion, camcorders were designed to capture video and audio - they do that well. Their ability to capture stills is limited. dSLRs were designed to capture still im... Read More »

What is a decent video camera that would be good for shooting porn?

Any will be fine if the lighting is good enough for the particular camcorder to use. If low-light capture is expected, then big lenses and big imaging chips are best.If you want locally captured au... Read More »

What camera is best for shooting weddings?

The most popular choices are Canon and Nikon dSLR setups. I've seen plenty of budget photographers walk around with point & shoot cameras but their work is always memorable for two reasons:a) a pis... Read More »

What is the best camcorder for shooting a senior video?

DO NOT BUY A DVD BASED CAMCORDER. They are the worst available video quality for video editing.Any miniDV based camcorder will provide you with easiest transfer since your MacBook Pro has a Firewir... Read More »