What is the best video camera for shooting computer tutorials?

Answer Well, if that is the case then I wouldn't suggest a camera for you at all but rather a program and a microphone. Let me explain, there are freeware programs out there but I'm not sure on what we... Read More »

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Which would you prefer to have for shooting video, a digital SLR or a video camera?

It depends on your needs. In my opinion, camcorders were designed to capture video and audio - they do that well. Their ability to capture stills is limited. dSLRs were designed to capture still im... Read More »

I have done video shooting using my Sony Camera in HD mode?

A program with over 2000 effects, easy to learn and can do things Windows movie Maker could never do. Very easy to do voice overs or move audio in relation to video with this program. Light year... Read More »

What is a decent video camera that would be good for shooting porn?

Any will be fine if the lighting is good enough for the particular camcorder to use. If low-light capture is expected, then big lenses and big imaging chips are best.If you want locally captured au... Read More »

What is the diffrence of the video camera and digital camera can both be loaded into a personal computer ty?

a video camera takes moving images, while a digital camera takes still pictures and also some will take videos including mine. i dont know about video cameras being able to be loaded on to computer... Read More »