What is the best type of cell phone I should get if it will be my first cell phone?

Answer It depends what carrier you have. For instance, I have at&t and if you would want at&t, try a sony ericsson w580i. It's a nice little phone with a good camera, music player, easy to use interface, ... Read More »

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What Verizon cell phone is equivalent to iPhone3GS?

Go to Settings -> Go to Mail, Contacts, Calenders -> Under acounts click add account...Then enter you info and your good to go!

For cell phone---Verizon or At&t.?

Verizon has better widespread coverage in the USA, while AT&T is better internationally. They are both good carriers, you will probably be happy with either. They have similar pricing, also.

How to Run Two Phone Numbers on One Verizon Cell Phone?

Running two phone numbers on a Verizon cell phone is possible. Although Verizon doesn't offer this feature, there is a free third-party application that allows this capability. Although there is a ... Read More »

What kind of reputations do the cell phone companies have Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, etc.?

That all depends on where you live and what kind of service the provider gets in your city.Where I live Verizon is the best. Straight Talk uses Verizon in my calling area. Sprint, Boost and Virgin ... Read More »