What is the best vacum cleaner?

Answer kirby is the best vacum cleaner

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Hi peeps, going to buy my wife a new vacum cleaner,can anyone recomend one?

Any in the Dyson range,they are the best.

Is there vacum cleaners that make no noise?

Avacuum cleaner uses 800 w of power the voltage source is 100 v what is the current flowing through the vacuum cleaner?

Power = Voltage * Current Isolating current, we get Current = Power/Voltage, I = 800W/100V = 8 amps

Why does your 91 corvette run bad and sounds like a vacuum cleaner sucking too much air at the throttle body to the hose to the air cleaner?

Answer Look at 2 things. Replace the air filter ASAP. Check to make sure the air intake before the filter is not clogged. Also check the exhaust system and see if you have a bent pipe somewhere. A... Read More »