What is the best under-sink water filtration?

Answer On One Hand: Kenmore Single 38454An under-sink water filtration system eliminates the need to flip between tap and filtered water. According to Consumer Search, the Kenmore Single Undersink Drinkin... Read More »

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How to Replace the Filter on the GE Under-sink Filtration?

Water filtration systems by GE come in a wide range of models, including under-sink reverse osmosis systems. The under-sink units use replaceable filters that keep debris and large particles out of... Read More »

Whats the best water filtration system?

pur 2 stage is best. better than even the faucet mount 3 stage which can conflict with the tap water.

Your kitchen sink drain pipe came apart and leaked under sink now How can You dry sub flooring under hardwood floor?

It will dry just fine... after you remove the flooring...

How can you increase water pressure from a Culligan under-sink water filter to a refrigerator icemaker if it will not work if connected as instructions state?

AnswerMost modern ice makers require 35 to 40 psi water pressure to properly operate. Attempting to use less pressure will result in no ice at all or possibly causing the solenoid valves to not ful... Read More »