R&P: What word or two best decribes the type of music you like best?

Answer Hmm, on the count it's blues and jazz...ah, gah. There is so many, but all around, it's just the music that befriends my soul at the end of the day that really gets me kicked back and feeling somet... Read More »

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What type(s) of music do you like best?

I listen to a lot of British stuff. Or if I'm not listening to that, I listen to mostly indie-rock or non-mainstream stuff :)Some of my faves:KeaneSnow PatrolColdplayGary GoThe Temper TrapKate Earl... Read More »

What type of speakers are the best for listening to music loud, like, for a party?

High-sensitivity sound-reinforcement speakers, as would be used for a concert or disco/club.If you will need them only once, or not very often, they can be rented from professional sound-and-lighti... Read More »

Best type of music ............?

Alternative/punk/pop/grunge, any really :PNIRVANA-teritorial pissings

What’s the best type of music to listen to when you shower?

Chicken Dance with full actions. Water will hit places it normally doesn't!