What is the best type of flooring?

Answer On One Hand: Wood FloorsWood floors present a classic look that many homeowners prefer. They are the best type of flooring for several reasons, including price, durability and resale value of your ... Read More »

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What type flooring is best if you have cats re urine problems?

First Answer:laminant.Second Answer:There are many reasons why your cat is urinating on your floors. Make sure you have a cat box available for your cat or cats to urinate in. Make sure they know w... Read More »

What type of flooring is best over radiant floor heat?

Porch flooring what type of wood is best for out door porch that won't bleed sap?

Maintaining the original design and integrity of your home is important, and for many homes, that starts on the front porch.If you are looking for a "real" wood option, you can guarantee high maint... Read More »

What is the type of flooring called on a basketball court?

it is called decking. i worked the floor of a stadium we put it in and out a bunch each panel of the deck weighed 140 to 230 lbs.some 150 panels