What is the best type of cooking pot?

Answer On One Hand: Stainless Steel.Chefs love stainless steel pans for their durability and low maintenance. Choose stainless steel cookware with an aluminum or copper core to distribute heat evenly. Loo... Read More »

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What type of liability insurance do you need for a small business that provides cooking classes for children and cooking birthday parties?

Answer You need General Liability to begin with. This policy will need to cover medical costs that a student/customer would need if they get hurt or sick, cut or burn themselves or slip and fall. I... Read More »

What type of stone is best for cooking pizza?

On One Hand: A Thick Stone is Likely to Last LongerThick stones are durable and difficult to break. Round stones look pretty, mirror the shape of the pizza and can help measure out the proper size... Read More »

For healthy cooking which type of microwave ovens are good?

Microwaves steam food provided you add liquid or the food contains liquid. I love my microwave for poaching fish and steaming vegetables. You can also poach chicken in it, but go a few seconds ove... Read More »

What type of liability insurance do you need for cooking barbecue on festivals?

it's a fire case of fire outbreak while cooking..