What is the best type of computer?

Answer Macintosh.

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What type of computer is the best Apple or Dell?

My teachers at school said that Apple is much more easier to use and more graphical than Dell. I agree, but I'm used to Dell more since I was introduced to Windows first. Dell is also cheaper than ... Read More »

For a graphics card, what type of 9600 card is best for my computer and gaming?

i will endeavor to assist you in selecting graphics card, if you IM me, i just have questions~~Edit~~Why the hell did you guys give my answer a bad rating, i told her to IM me because i have questi... Read More »

What's the best type of computer monitor for easily irritated eyes?

an LCD will me much better. but make sure it's not a glossy LCD monitor. since it'll reflect more light in your eyes

What type of homecoming dress is best for my body type?

I think you should wear a dress that is a bit tighter on its upper side,but probably has a cute design on your breasts and then goes wider on the lower part of your body.Something like this:http://... Read More »