What type of candy is Cadbury Flakes?

Answer Cadbury Flake is a 1.2-ounce candy bar made from thin, flaky layers of folded chocolate. It is not manufactured in the United States but is readily available online. It was sold in classic, praline... Read More »

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What type of granulated sugar is used for making cotton candy?

Cotton candy is made with floss sugar or flossine mixed with granulated sugar. It is a special type of sugar that is not too fine or too coarse and is specially treated to produce the light and flu... Read More »

What type of foil does hersey's wrap their candy with?

Hershey's wrap its candy with silver foil. The silver foil is a thin, lightweight aluminum foil. Hershey's uses the silver foil to wrap Hershey's kisses and other varieties of candy bars.References... Read More »

What type of homecoming dress is best for my body type?

I think you should wear a dress that is a bit tighter on its upper side,but probably has a cute design on your breasts and then goes wider on the lower part of your body.Something like this:http://... Read More »

What type of shampoo best for my type of hair?

i have really dry frizzy hair and argan oil products work wonders. i usually take a shower with, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye helps strengthen the hai... Read More »