What is the best tripod to use with a 5d mark2 camera and 100-400mm lens?

Answer Any Gitzo tripod, like the carbon fiber 6X series.

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What camera will this lens fit nikon nikkor 80-400mm vr ed mint in box?

Unless you've dropped it, the noise is most probably the image sensor cleaning itself. If you look into the front of the camera when there is no lense attached, you'll see a small rectangle set at ... Read More »

Will the Tamron Nikon Camera Lens 200 400mm 1 5 6 work on a D60?

What is the best Tripod for a Nikon D40 SLR camera?

A tripod that you actually use is the best tripod of all. I've seen people buy expensive, good tripods, but because they're too heavy to carry and too big and too awkward, they never get used. Ju... Read More »

What is the best Nikon Camera Lens to shoot still portraits with?

I like Karl's answer and agree 100%. Your lens is probably just fine and your lighting will make the most difference. Try not to simply use the on-camera flash. At a MINIMUM, if you are stuck us... Read More »