What is the best tips to keep computer healthy?

Answer This is long but worth the timeHere on Yahoo! Answers, there are literally hundreds of queries everyday regarding virus and spyware infected PC users. Some folks have an idea of what they are infec... Read More »

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Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy for a Swimmer?

Swimming is a beneficial form of exercise and an effective way to beat the heat. And while chlorine disinfects pool water, it can also make your hair dry and brittle. In addition, the minerals in c... Read More »

What are the best methods to keep your gums healthy?

Answer Aside from the normal things your dentist will tell you (flossing, etc.), rinsing or gargling with warm salt water, regularly, is very good for your gums. Wet your toothbrush and then sprink... Read More »

I have a virus on my computer, what is the best firewall that i get for Free to keep my computer safe ?

●Some Useful Programs, and Online Tools:â–ªScan your computer from Viruses, and other online threats, by using these sites, via ActiveX technology. Panda Online Scanner(Virus/Spyware Scann... Read More »

What are your best tips to keep pests and diseases out of an organic garden?

Build up the natural resistance of your plants.Maintain proper balance of the organic soil.Enclose the garden with a fence or netting.Bring natural enemies of the insects as ladybugs, birds etc..Su... Read More »