What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

Answer You'll see snow capped mountains from Mount Titlis all year round - if there is no fog. In October, expect snow fall and even very low temperatures up there, so bring corresponding gear. Glacier 30... Read More »

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When best time to visit switzerland?

You'll need to be prepared for a range of temperatures, as the mountains create a variety of local and regional microclimates. That said, most of the country has a central European climate, with da... Read More »

What is best time of year to visit Switzerland?

The canton of Bern is fantastic all year round, and fits every body's needs.If you like the city scene and lots of shopping, stay in the city of Bern. There are also lots of art and history museum... Read More »

How to Visit Switzerland?

This landmark is located in LuzernSwitzerland is located in Central Europe, bordering Germany in the north, Austria in the east, Italy in the South and France in the west. It has four major regions... Read More »

What should visit in switzerland in 3 days?

There is no country called "Swiss". If you want to know what to do in Switzerland in three days: Use the "Ask" windows (;_y… ) in order to get instant answers... Read More »