What is the best thing to use on a cut that won't heal?

Answer super glue- don't laugh it really does workdeodorant even works on helping with the pain The best thing to do however is to see a doctor to make sure there is no infection that you can't see.

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Whats the best thing to heal a burn?

If you can get your hands on silvadene cream it's good on those types of burns. Or A&D ointment or aquaphor are also good, something to keep it from sticking to the bandage. Keep it clean by washin... Read More »

Whats the best thing to help heal a black eye?

Why do you thing that God created universe but he can not cure or heal cancer patient or other diseases?

because either god does not exist, or he does not exist in the all mighty loving all of his children form we know.

What is the BEST thing that you do for yourself every day?

I always make sure I spend at least a couple quiet minutes alone, and reflect on the fact that, no matter how much I think my life sucks (and parts of it do to the max), I also enjoy many, many ble... Read More »