What is the best thing to put in an omelette (No silly answers like eggs, thanks).?

Answer blue cheese mushrooms and grilled ham. LovelyBTW a few weeks ago I learnt an interesting alternative to the classic cheese omelette.bake your omelette and when nice and dry take it out of the pan... Read More »

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What is the best thing about Yahooo Answers?

It a productive way to pass time and help other people.

A serious question. So i dont want any dumb answers or 'thanks for the 2 points' answers.?

Do i have an infection Any rude answers, or non answers, i will report... Thanks...?

It is chafing that has become infected with yeast. Sweat, urine,and feces, if left on the skin, can cause it to break down, turn red, and become infected. Crevices like under breasts, between legs,... Read More »

What do you like best with eggs?

fried eggs - i like hash browns & toasthard boiled - I like it deviled.poached egg - I like it on top of some smoked salmon on top of a toasted English muffin half and all smothered in warm holl... Read More »