What is the best thing to for a water damaged book?

Answer let it dry, then hope that you can still read it. :)

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How to Fix a Water Damaged Nintendo Wii?

The Wii electronics are very delicate, so if you want your Wii to work again, you have to work fast.

How to Dry Water Damaged Cables?

Electricity and water do not mix. Most technical folks will replace any cable that has received water damage because they will no longer have confidence in it. Water-damaged cables may no longer p... Read More »

How do your fix water damaged remote?

First DO NOT TURN IT ON turning it on may cause shortage and there will be no more trying to fix it, if it is on turn it off Second shake as much water out as possible to make sure nothings left in... Read More »

Water Damaged Phone !?

leave the phone to dry i once took my phone in the water for a swim i left for a week and my phone started to work again, by the way try to dry it yourself.