What is the best thing to eat/drink before exercising?

Answer For years i have had a glass of orange juice mixed with a powder called creatine. I swear by it

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How to Have Fun Exercising As a Kid?

Exercising doesn't have to be boring- and for kids, it can be as fun as playing a school sport or a simple playground game! Here are some steps to making exercise fun for kids and teens.

Exercising for a 14 year old?

Stop watching t.v. and sitting at a computer all the time.

I've been exercising, so why am I not shaping up?

'looking like a boss' hahah look if you want to look over-all you need to workout with a good routine ... and have a diet that you will have to dedicate yourself 2 ...just being skinny won't make y... Read More »

Is exercising while pregnant bad?

On One Hand: Exercising Could Be Dangerous to the FetusBeing pregnant changes a woman's center of gravity, which means that she could be more likely to fall. Pregnant women should also avoid becomi... Read More »