What is the best thing for a hangover?

Answer 1. a bloody mary2. tea and a greasy breakfast3. take a shower and a crap and go back to sleep4. take a multi some spicy food and prepare for the ensuing jihad on your toilet.pick one o... Read More »

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What the best thing to get rid of a hangover?

What is the best thing for a serious hangover apart from drinking more alcohol?

bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, fried bread, mushrooms tomatoes, and tea, then go bact to bed and drink plenty of water

Whats the best thing for a hangover and a head ache?

The best tthing would have been to top up on water before going to sleep, thats not an option now.I suggest either a proprietry hangover cure, like resolve, to replace lost salts in the body or an ... Read More »

How do you drink all night and not have a hangover?

keep on drinking, once you stop the hangover starts.