What is the best thing to do with three pound fish head?

Answer Did you go fishing :)))))) Wow thats scary hehehe 3 pound fish head ...Throw it back into the water I think or thow it in the garbage............You can't hang it on the walland not sure if you can... Read More »

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When your head hurts what is the best thing to do..?

I can fix anything... hehehe... but would you respect me in the morning... ? :D

Is the british pound the same thing as pound sterling?

The pound sterling is the currency of the United Kingdom, and is otherwise known as the British pound. The pound is also used in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, the Falkland Island... Read More »

Whats the best thing for a hangover and a head ache?

The best tthing would have been to top up on water before going to sleep, thats not an option now.I suggest either a proprietry hangover cure, like resolve, to replace lost salts in the body or an ... Read More »

How to Treat an Oscar Fish With Hole in the Head Disease?

"Hole in the head" disease or "head and lateral line erosion" in fish is caused by four conditions. These factors include poor water quality, incorrect diet, Heximita infections and the use of dust... Read More »