What is the best thing to do with my old 15 inch, non-flat, CRT SVGA monitor ?

Answer Donate it to a local public school. You can claim it on your taxes as a non-cash charitable contribution.

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How big is a 19-inch flat-screen monitor?

A 19-inch flat-screen monitor measures 19 inches from one corner of the screen to the diagonally opposite corner. The dimensions of the unit will generally measure about 17.5 inches by 12 inches fo... Read More »

Is there such a thing as a 30 inch flat panel tv because there's 27 and 32 but nothing inbetween it seems?

Samsung, Sony, JVC and Toshiba to name a few do make 30 inch LCD TVs but you may have to special order or order online. We found when we began replacing our analogs with flat screens that not all ... Read More »

How to Open an HP W1907 19-Inch Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor?

The HP W1907 is a large computer monitor with a sleek LCD display. Like any electronic device, it can become damaged over time. You can open the case and try to diagnose the problem on your own. Op... Read More »

What is the best thing to use to clean a flat screen monitor?

If your screen is merely dusty, you can wipe gently with a soft, cotton cloth or try a can of compressed air. Plain old water can do the trick, or you can concoct a solution of vinegar and water or... Read More »