What is the best thing to do while tripping sack on LSD?

Answer Joie, I worship the real God and its because of my experiences with DMT and LSD. Anyway, I got some bad vibes when I played video games on acid, going outside and experiencing nature is the best t... Read More »

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What is the usual size of a potato sack used in potato sack races?

Potato sacks come in many sizes, ranging from 22-by-36 inches to 24-by-40 inches. The size of the sack should be adjusted based on the size and age of the racers. Many companies sell burlap sacks s... Read More »

Why does my gfi breaker keep tripping?

Ground-fault circuit interrupters, better known as GFCIs or GFIs, are used to protect people from electrocuting themselves. They do not protect from minor shocks, only deadly ones, and are most com... Read More »

How to Go Star Tripping?

Have you ever wanted to stun a friend? Try star tripping!

What are the causes of circuit breakers tripping?

A tripping circuit breaker can be caused by a number of issues. In the United States, there are approximately 250 deaths and many injuries each year related to electrical issues, according to the B... Read More »