When you have gestational diabetes what is the best thing to eat first thing in morning Help?

Answer Carbohydrates quickly turn to glucose (sugar) in the blood. Porridge is high in carbohydrates. Crackers are high in carbohydrates. Bread and peanut butter are high in carbohydrates. Higher fasting ... Read More »

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What is the difference between an expiration date and a best by date?

That date on milk and other dairy products is a 'Sell By' date, not an expiration. Vendors must remove it from their shelves on that date. There is still plenty of time to consume it at your leisur... Read More »

What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?

Harvest date and best by date of extra virgin olive oil?

I don't have big issues with any oil because I use them a lot. It's the best buy date. And I hate the rachel ray evoo crap. sorry

Is the date on egg cartons a sell-by or best-by date?

The date on egg cartons from USDA-inspected plants is the date on which the eggs were packed. Some also carry a sell-by date, which cannot be later than 30 days after the date they were packed. I... Read More »