When you have gestational diabetes what is the best thing to eat first thing in morning Help?

Answer Carbohydrates quickly turn to glucose (sugar) in the blood. Porridge is high in carbohydrates. Crackers are high in carbohydrates. Bread and peanut butter are high in carbohydrates. Higher fasting ... Read More »

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What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?

What are the best natural remedies for severe depression?

Learn to pamper and nurture yourself. Experiment with aromatherapy, eucalyptus especially, I find it to be exceptionally refreshing, revitalizing and energizing. You can use Wallflowers from Bath a... Read More »

What is the best way you deal with depression in your own life?

You know what makes people the happiest that is often over looked? Doing things for other people. Doing things for other people and making them happy compliments,errands,etc. Is the best feeling in... Read More »

What is the best method of treatment for post-partem depression?

Answer one realizing you have it is a big step talking about it and visiting with your doctor for a treatment together is best it is nothing to be embarassed about it is very common and there shou... Read More »