Is there such thing as Better Life the game like on Suite Life on Deck?

Answer The game Better Life is only played on the TV Show Suite Life On Deck and is not a real game to buy. However, there are similar games in which children can play in virtual worlds such as Webkinz a... Read More »

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What is that one thing you do, that changed your life?

Starting cheerleading about 8 years ago. I've been doing it nonstop since! It makes me feel good about myself, i feel healthier, and i just love to get thrown in the air(:

What is u favorite thing about life?

My four children...They are the most insparational, beautiful, wonderful, life altering reasons I get up in the morning, They are the reason why I do better with things....They are the reason life ... Read More »

How to Change Your Life After Doing the Same Thing for So Long?

For some people, life can be boring and tiresome. They feel that they need to spice up their lives. If this sounds like you, please read on!

What is the worst thing you have ever smelt in your life?

Postmortem Department in JJ Jospital Mumbai where corpse are kept on the tables for post mortem reports. I smelt it only once, but the smell did not go out from me for months. For few days could no... Read More »