What is the best thing for a skin burn from the hot stove?

Answer Never put anything on a burn except cold water. Baking soda, ice etc all trap the heat in more and can make the burn worse. Run it under cold water for 15 min. If it starts to blister, try not to... Read More »

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Can i burn my pellet stove all day?

Yes, you can burn a pellet stove all day. Pellet stoves require maintenance to continue burning over an extended amount of time. For example, removing ash buildup inside the stove and reloading add... Read More »

Does a gas stove burn propane?

Most gas stoves are made to operate with either natural gas or propane, but they are installed to use just one type. You can convert a stove to burn propane after it has been installed to use natur... Read More »

Can you burn wood in a coal stove?

You cannot burn wood in a coal-burning stove. Coal-burning stoves do not meet the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations about emissions for burning wood. The EPA put these regulations in pl... Read More »

What temperature should a wood stove burn at?

On One Hand: Burning BasicsWood burning stoves are built to harness the heat needed to burn and effectively heat a home. Getting it to the temperature that causes combustion is based on several fac... Read More »