What is the best test for carpo tunnel?

Answer It's Carpal Tunnel, and try this:Tap or press on the median nerve, where your wrist meets the base of your hand - in the center of your wrist.Any tingling in your fingers or shock-like sensations i... Read More »

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Wind Tunnel Test Techniques?

A wind tunnel is a testing tool or laboratory that places a car, a plane or other vehicle in a controlled environment to help the researcher understand how a vehicle behaves in the face of wind for... Read More »

What kind of doctor is best to fix carpal tunnel?

On One Hand: Initial ScreeningThe first physician to evaluate the patient should be the primary care doctor, according to the Mayo Clinic. The primary care doctor may initially prescribe anti-infla... Read More »

Carpal tunnel: what can you get carpal tunnel from, besides working a mouse?

scooping cat poop. That's how my mom got it before they invented computers.

Have you ever walked through a railroad tunnel otherwise known as a train tunnel Was it dark and scary?

Yes, I have walked through Headstone Tunnel, part of the Pennine Trail in the Peak District of Derbyshire, as have thousands of others. The tunnel was a part of the Midland Railway main line betwee... Read More »