Does anybody know the name of this techno song?

Answer The song at the beginning I cannot name, but I do know the style. It is trance music. It is a style of electronic music that is very atmospheric, melodic, and emotional.

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Slow Techno song, it's madness - na na na na na na?

Muse - Madness…

How to Make an Acapella Techno Song?

Techno is an awesome type of music and if you can't get enough, then get some friends together and start up a beat. The next thing you know, you'll be raving all day long.

Who sang this this techno/dance/dubstep song?

My question to you:Do you happen to call ALL electronic music as "techno/dance/dubstep"? Not all electronic music is techno or dubstep, just to let you know.

What is the best techno CD?

On One Hand: Derrick May, "Innovator"Along with Juan Atkins and Derrick Carter, Derrick May was one of the founders of Detroit techno. May's "Innovator" album is a collection of a half-decade's wor... Read More »