How to Make a Great Tasting Alcoholic Drink?

Answer This is a drink that found completely by accident, but it is a truly beautiful drink!

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Whats the best tasting alcholic drink to you?

What do you say is the best alcoholic drink to get drunk off (fast)?

Long Island Iced Tea used to work best for me. There's four different types of booze in it. But what ever you drink, if you drink on an empty stomach you'll feel it faster.

What is a good tasting non alcoholic beer?

Honestly, none of them are. If you're going to drink beer, drink the alcoholic ones. The taste and amount of alcohol is taken into account for the overall flavor when brewing. Not having the alcoho... Read More »

What is the best alcoholic beverage you can make with just vodka and another drink?

It depends on the Vodka. If you are using a cheaper vodka, citrus juices like Orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice sweeten the vodka and kills the sour aftertaste. If you use a more ... Read More »