Is there a better Sushi restaurant in Sacramento?

Answer Did u try Kru? I often visit this one to enjoy sushi.So great! My friends find it on and introduced for me. You can you try to find more details about it or have better choices.It... Read More »

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Anyone know of a sushi restaurant in the Gaslamp district?

Healthy options at the sushi restaurant?

Avoid any sushi that is deep fried or tempura. Some of the rolls like California Roll and Prawn Tempura Roll are also really bad health wise. If you stick to traditional style sushi it can be a nut... Read More »

What's the BESTEST sushi bar/restaurant in Los Angeles and vicinity?

Happy Birthday!Check out on the web. This website lists almost all of the Japanese restaurants in the greater LA area. Just refine your search to sushi places, and ch... Read More »

Anyone know a light sushi dinner restaurant near McKinney?

Possibly a Japanese all you can eat place? There's one around here that offers sushi on certain nights.(But it costs more on those nights)-Otherwise you could always ask for a doggie bag and refrig... Read More »