What is the best supplement for stiff joints?

Answer On One Hand: Often RecommendedMany health professionals recommend a Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement for joint stiffness and pain. According to Will Block of Life Enhancement, these compounds... Read More »

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Why do my joints become stiff after exercise?

Hmm that's typically normal but it depends on a number of things including how old you are, it could be arthritis. If not, I would investigate the form you are using to exercise. Might be not lifti... Read More »

What causes joints in the body to start sounding like they are popping with movement and being a little stiff?

Usually when joints start "popping" the protective cartilage is wearing away. You may be having the first noticeable signs of arthritis. Eventually, the bones within the joints are rubbing together... Read More »

What the best way to cure a stiff neck?

Take these Homeopathic Remedies together thrice a day ARNICA 30, BRYONIA 30 and RHUS TOX 30 take them every half an hour till you start feeling relief after that just thrice a day half hour before ... Read More »

What is the best vitamin supplement?

I've tried over the counter vitamins like Centrum and stuff but about a year ago I was turned on to "The Greatest Vitamin in the World" by a friend of mine. I wasn't too sure about it but it was a... Read More »