What super power is the best?

Answer The ability to stop time or slow it down to any degree I want is the best super power of all. Top that, Superman!

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How did US become a super power?

We emerged from WWII as one of the most powerful nations surviving. Over time most of the others have declined while we were propelled by our manufacturing sector to new heights resulting in the US... Read More »

If you were a superhero, what super power would you want?

Fly or read people's minds!=]Star for yoou.

Is the US the only super power left in the world?

No, by no means. There are several superpowers. China for instances is very powerful militarily and their influence in trade has risen dramatically in the last ten years. Russia does not have the m... Read More »

How to Power Up Your Super Saiyan Meter?

"Dragon Ball Z" is a popular manga and cartoon series featuring super-powered aliens and fighters. Many different video games have been created using the various characters from the show. Saiyans a... Read More »