What is the best succulent plant food?

Answer If you're asking what to give a succulent plant to "eat" then any fertilizer will do. if you're asking what is the best food from succulent plants i personaly like "sabres fruit"

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Succulent Plant Types?

Succulent plants are a species specially adapted to arid climates and are known for their water-retaining characteristics. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems and roots to make up for cli... Read More »

How do I care for a succulent plant?

Plant succulents in soil with good drainage. Water only when the leaves start to droop or wrinkle to avoid root rot. Clean the leaves of succulents such as jade when dust accumulates. Wipe them wit... Read More »

Succulent Plant Diseases?

Succulents are plants that have evolved uniquely over time to survive hostile environmental conditions. The plants have special areas for water storage in their succulent tissues. Lithops and hawor... Read More »

Succulent Plant List?

Succulents are plants with thick, fleshy leaves and tubers or stems. These plants have evolved in arid environments, and their specialized forms help them to store water for long-term sustenance. M... Read More »