What is the best style before taking a picture?

Answer Just be yourself!

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What time of day is best for taking a multivitamin/B-complex, early morning or evening before bedtime?

My guess would be NOT at bedtime, unless you are used to eating at bedtime, which is not a good idea either. Some of those big horse-pill multivitamins will actually speed up your metabolism a lit... Read More »

Nikon Coolpix 3200 the LCD monitor shows the picture you've just taken and the features that make picture taking easy These are?

Most DSLR's include a "Sports" shutter speed function. That's what i use so my images arern't blurry. Hope this helps!

When taking a picture, what causes the red eye effect?

It's caused by the light of the flash reflecting of the retina of the subject's eyes.Most modern digital cameras give of 4 to 5 lights before taking the actual photo, letting the pupils close a bit... Read More »

What are three simple tips for taking a good picture?

Framing, lighting, and rule of thirds (which kinda goes with framing...but whatever)....Framing: Make sure you zoom in on what you're shooting. Having a speck of a person and miles of beach is no... Read More »