What is the best starter phone?

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How to Activate Your Remote Starter by Cell Phone?

A car starter allows you to start the vehicle from a distance using a remote control. Put the remote control away and instead use your "smartphone" cell phone to start the car. First install a "car... Read More »

How to Activate Your GM Factory Remote Starter by Cell Phone?

Did you ever think that you would be able to start your vehicle by pressing a button on your cell phone? Well, as of December 2010, GM, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick vehicles equipped with the OnSt... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot to Determine Whether a Starter or Starter Solenoid Is Not Working?

If you turn the ignition key in your automobile and all you hear is a clicking noise or the engine turning over very slowly, the issue could be the starter or the starter solenoid. Both cause issue... Read More »

How to Tell the Difference If Your Chevy Starter Is a 153- or 168-Tooth Starter?

Chevrolet uses either a 153-tooth or 168-tooth starter depending on which flywheel or flexplate is used on your year, make and model Chevy. Generally, the 153-tooth flexplate was used on small-bloc... Read More »