What is the best spyware-removal software?

Answer On One Hand: Spy SweeperSpy Sweeper is the top of the line in spyware removal and protection. It features "advanced anti-spyware detection and removal," to clean your PC of any nefarious programmin... Read More »

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Were can i get a free spyware and adware removal software for free?

Spybot: Search & DestroyAd-AwareSpywareBlasterWindows DefenderSee sources for where you can get them. Of course, they are all free.They don't conflict each other, so you should have all of them ins... Read More »

Removal of Antivirus 2009! I have tried Spyware Doctor and Spy Hunter removal results....HELP!?

I would try AVG, if you would like to learn more about this infection follow this link

Antivirus 2009 most removal software is expensive, anyone know any FREE software ( that works )?

In your situation, there are a few options.1) Reformat and reinstall your Windows ( leave it as last resort )2) Take out your hard disk and install as secondary drive in another PC that have a good... Read More »

Which spyware software is best?

On One Hand: Spyware Doctor Is Rated the BestAccording to, Spyware Doctor published by PC Tools provides the user with the best performance regarding protection and spyware remov... Read More »