Where is the best place to go for spring break BY TRAIN !!?

Answer If you want to go by train, you can go to OK City or to Ft Worth. The only Amtrak train that runs through Norman is the Heartland Flyer, which connects those two cities. In Ft Worth you could pic... Read More »

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What is making me break out, video games or location?

Acne can be caused by stress, and a lack of exercise poor diet can also contribute. If you are sitting for six hours you aren't up and moving around, and your probably aren't eating the most health... Read More »

What should i wear in houston texas, over spring break?

It's not extremely hot now but it's always a wise decision to wear suncreen - especially if you're light complected or plan on spending a few hours out in the sunshine. I can't tell you how much c... Read More »

What song was on Viva La Spring Break when Novak steals the money from Vito?

Spring Break In Dallas?

19-23 uh??? well bc some of your cousins are under 21, alot of clubs you will have to go our 18 and up clubs. So try CLub Blue or Nairobi's (both downtown Dallas). Also on Friday, get a newspaper, ... Read More »