Sport motorcycle group, let harley in?

Answer None of you even thought about this question before you started in on your testosterone fueled rants. Look at what he's saying.The group is a sport bike group. The slowest sport bike in the world w... Read More »

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What Are the Differences Between a Dodge Sport and a Non-Sport?

The Caravan minivan remains the only automobile in the Dodge lineup released specifically with Sport and non-Sport trim levels. A Sport version was last released for the 2003 model year. The 2003 C... Read More »

What type of motorcycle is best for me?

first piece of advice is to ignore all the people that are going to tell you to get some 250cc "beginner bike". go to some shops and sit on some bikes and see what you like best, and if that happen... Read More »

What is the best brand of gasoline to run in a motorcycle?

There's not a huge amount of difference actually. A truck fills with fuel and then pumps it into the tanks at various gas stations (with various oil company signs hanging outside). I use Premium, n... Read More »

What is the absolute BEST motorcycle there is?

Best motorcycle? BMW=Best Motorcycle in World. They are real good too- a bit expensive though. GS models can handle some offroad work, the layed down 4s are good roadrunners .