How to Play Your Favorite Song on the Guitar?

Answer Learn to play a song on the guitar by simply listening, figuring out what chords are played, then play them yourself.

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How to Play a Rock Song on Acoustic Guitar?

Playing Acoustic Guitars is easy but it is difficult to master. You can play many wide different kinds of songs on them. This article shows you how to play a rock song on Acoustic Guitars.

How to Learn a Song on Guitar That You Want to Play?

Got a favorite song that you really want to play on Guitar? Read on and you'll be playing it in no time (includes good advice for any instrument).

What is the best type of Bass guitar for me to play Folk & Gospel?

Wait for an upright to be donated to the church. A good pickup + preamp costs about $350 before tax. New strings + a setup will cost about $100 before tax.Really, a full electric with a fat neck an... Read More »

Best pop songs to play on guitar?

May not be pop songs but a variety of different styles will helpHorse with no name by America (entire song played on 2nd fret)Knocking on heavens door by guns n roses you can do playing G D and C c... Read More »