What is the best solution for closing a gap on your front two teeth?

Answer my daughter has the same thing. At first she hated it and we booked an appointment at the dentist but couldnt do anything untill all her adult teeth came thru. She was worried at being bullied at s... Read More »

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Is bonding or veener the best solution if you have a large gap between your front teeth?

AnswerBonding would be cheapist, veneers are higher quality, braces correct the problem. It depends person to person. Veneers are very expensive. Either one would correct the gap, if you are a cand... Read More »

Closing gap in teeth at 18?

Ask your dentist, they'll probably recommend braces. But yes your teeth can move even after that age because you're still growing.

What are the different methods for closing spaces in human teeth?

Looking to close the gaps in your teeth? There are several methods available for closing spaces in human teeth, and finding the right method depends on the size and location of the gaps in your tee... Read More »

Can teeth bands work if you have a very large gap in your front teeth about 6mm or a quarter inch or is a bridge or veneers the only way to go?

Answer Sometimes when the space between the two central incisors is too large, orthodontics (braces) may be recommended. This usually will take approximately 18-36 months depending on the severity... Read More »