What is the best software to Download web sites to My Hard disk ...?

Answer better works fine

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What Is Needed to Download Movies to the Hard Drive & Then Put the Movie on a DVD Disk?

While DVD movies are fun and convenient, they get more expensive by the year. As of 2010, it typically costs between $25 and $35 to purchase a new, non-discounted DVD movie. It is possible to legal... Read More »

Sata hard disk vs pata hard disko or ide hard disk tell me difference?

SATA is Serial ATA interface small cable with high speed.PATA is parallel ATA interface with Flat ribbon cable 40/80 wires cable.PATA is now not used anymore in new systems.

Will Cloning My Hard Disk Affect My Software Activation?

Whether or not using imaging software to clone your hard disk drive will affect your software activation depends on the software in question and your individual circumstances. If you are using clon... Read More »

Need to download hp printer software to computer lost disk?

Well, there's not much point downloading to a lost disc.  You'd be better off downloading it to the hard disc in your computer.Anyway, to get printer drivers, go to Read More »