Best place to buy design software?

Answer Since Yahoo Answers apparently doesn't want to let us have links anymore, I'll just tell you to head over to Google and find these (revenge is sweet, isn't it?)...NVU(visual HTML editor)The Gimp (P... Read More »

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Please help! my blog is infected by destructive software, what should i do?

Im sorry to say that if your blog got banned it wont go back up EVER. Its hard to tell what started it but I think you should just make a new one and avoid doing the same thing that started this pr... Read More »

How to Design a Blog Game?

Have you ever wanted to play or make a blog game (non-virtual game made on blogs) but it got shut down or is inactive; maybe the people there aren't friendly to you? A blog game is a game (most com... Read More »

How to Design a Blog Background on Photoshop?

An interesting blog background.Have you just created a new blog, and are looking for an exciting background to add some color? Or are you a blogging veteran who wants to spice up their blog with a ... Read More »

What is web design software?

Web pages are created with HTML and other programming languages such as Flash and Javascript. Originally, all websites had to be hand-coded using a text editor like Notepad. Web design software all... Read More »