What is the best soap scum remover?

Answer On One Hand: Borax and Lemon Oil Work WellBorax--sodium borate--and lemon furniture oil are a great combination in removing soap scum. According to "lemon furniture oil will clean ... Read More »

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What the BEST product for cleaning soap scum off shower doors.?

I use CLR. It works well for me. Here's a little tip though. Once you've cleaned the soap scum completely from the shower door, apply a couple of coats of car wax to the glass.....or even Rain-X... Read More »

What is an effective way to remove soap scum?

Lysol 4in1 bathroom cleaner and a nylon scrubber

How do I get rid of bathroom soap scum?

Removing Soap ScumSpray your tub or shower with vinegar, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Using a natural product like vinegar to remove soap scum allows you to clean your home without introduci... Read More »

How do I remove dishwasher soap scum?

Cleaning by HandRemove dish racks to properly reach the inside of the dishwasher. Dip an old toothbrush in warm soapy water and scrub corners and crevices. Saturate a cloth with the water and rub o... Read More »